Cyril Scott Pipe Band was formed in January 1997 as a competition band for upper grade pipers and drummers living in and around Central and Southwestern Ohio, with a few devotees from Northern Kentucky. The name comes from the Cyril Scott Printing Company in Lancaster, Ohio. The President and owner of Cyril Scott, Mr. E. L. McClelland, generously sponsored the band’s uniform and equipment needs during its start up. It is on Mr. McClelland’s behalf that the band proudly wears the Ancient MacLellan tartan and adopts the MacLellan clan crest as the band’s peculiar but “colorful” logo.

In its first competition season it realized success in Grade-III by playing the Highland Games circuits in Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Ontario, Canada.

In 1998, the band entered the RSPBA’s World Pipe Band Championship contest in Glasgow, Scotland, and took 2nd place among 30 other Grade-III bands.

The band returned to Scotland in year 2000 to compete once more at the world championship level. In two preliminary contests, Millennium Pipes, Edinburgh, and Strathallan, Bridge of Allan, Cyril Scott placed 2nd and 3rd respectively among 16 other Grade-III bands. That year at the Worlds, the Band placed a respectable 14th out of 28.


Cyril Scott logo


According to Scottish historians, during the reign of James I King of Scots, Sir Patrick Maclellan of Bombie forfeited his estates for marauding through the lands of the Douglases, the Lords of Galloway. Years later in the early 15th century, King James II promised to restore the lands to anyone who would stop a band of gypsies who had been terrorizing the district. Sir Patrick’s son, Sir William Maclellan set out and killed the gypsy leader, Black Morrow. His severed head was brought to King James on the end of Sir William’s sword. Upon receipt of the bounty the king seemed to have forgotten his promise to which Sir William declared, "THINK ON", Thereafter, he was granted the return of his families lands and this is said to be the origins of the colorful crest and motto of the Clan Maclellan.


Since 2002, a smaller and more localized membership maintains rehearsal activity. In 2006, the band elected to create a teaching band with the goal of attracting and training new pipers and drummers. In 2008 Cyril Scott embarked on attracting younger members into the band by offering free bagpipe and drumming lessons for kids from ages ten to sixteen years of age. The band now has a growing youth band that will be the future of pipe bands in Columbus, Ohio. Thanks to these efforts and the addition of offering free lessons to Central Ohio kids, a base of new talent is emerging from the area giving Cyril Scott the opportunity to form a solid performance band. It is our goal to build ranks once again into a larger, more formidable compition band.

We seek to perform publicly whenever possible for enjoyment and experience. It is our intent to bolster “esprit d’ corps” by extending a warm welcome to all levels of players, from raw beginner to advanced professional. The most important criteria isn’t playing ability but rather strong enthusiasm for bagpipe and drum playing and to enjoy oneself in the process. We also encourage collaboration between piping, pipe band playing and ceilidh performance with other Scottish folk music, instruments, and Scottish dance.

Cyril Scott is a perennial favorite at the Dublin Irish Festival, held the first weekend in August, in Dublin, Ohio.


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